Initiative Overview



Our vision is to build powerful partnerships and networks between school / business / community to enable opportunities for students through:

  • Projects Pathways - blur the line between school and beyond school

  • Partnerships - having rich and authentic learning partnerships with our students

  • A vast education, community, innovation and business network - support the growth and expansion of learning opportunities

We hope to grow ConnectED into a service that benefits multiple organisations and schools across the North Shore.


ConnectED is an initiative that seeks to build relationships between students and local businesses, to provide memorable and mutually beneficial opportunities for both parties.

ConnectED aims to be a first of its kind which will be based at Albany Senior High School and draw upon the principles of the National Education And Learning Priorities (as published in 2020 - National Education and Training Act)

The aim of the network is to:

  • establish a network and talent register that might mentor and support student learning (NELP Priority 7)

  • connect learning across the school with the community and wider world of business (NELP Priority 2)

  • host whanau community facing educational events about futures thinking and social business networking

  • establish ASHS as THE ed-innovation hub on the shore