Opportunities for involvement in our ConnectEd initiative can be as:

  • an individual

  • a community organisation eg

  • a business or innovation partner

  • A tertiary or higher learning institution

Opportunities exist for involvement through:

NOTE: We don’t want one party to be a drain on the other

  • Co-hosting events with students

  • Skype/zoom/google hangout - give feedback or advice remotely

  • Mentoring students and sharing industry knowledge

  • Host students for a day visit

  • Apprenticeships/internships to students - in holiday times or post schooling

  • Externships - students in school but are connected and engaged/employed/mentored

  • Volunteer or support a specific initiative or programme eg. Vex Robotics

  • Volunteers or support during Impact day or on weekends

  • Guest speaker opportunities for a class/cohort

  • Market research conducted by students or as the source of information

  • Learn from the experiences and knowledge with a younger generation’s perspective

  • Short term work experience - build knowledge to build great future employees